Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Time to Catch Up!

I have had the intention almost weekly to update our blog but somehow I never manage to get to it. I wasn’t sure how to even start this post…so we will just start where we left off: Sophia’s birthday.

I started my sophomore year of college back in August. In September I began working again at the preschool/daycare for the 2012-13 school year. From August until early December, Joey had been working in Eau Claire Monday-Thursday. This was a tough adjustment for all of us.

More recently:
Joey was laid off in early December and has since been enjoying the role of Mr. Mom. Sophia has become such a daddy’s girl within the last few months! I’m still in school, and just recently passed my TEAS exam. So now we wait…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will start Nursing School in fall 2013! Work at the preschool/daycare is still awesome. Sophia goes occasionally now that dad is usually home. She still loves to see her daycare friends.

What to expect:
Weekly updates! We are starting a new adventure here at the abode, so stay tuned!

Now for the fun stuff…PICTURES!
We visited the pumpkin patch in October
Sophia picked out her first pumpkin!
Our Pumpkin Princess had so much fun trick-or-treating!
J and I celebrated Halloween, too!
We celebrated "Ya-Ya's" birthday!
We got our first professional family pictures taken.

Sophia had her own tree to decorate for Christmas.
J turned the big 2-1. This was his first legal drink.
S and I decorated Christmas cookies together.
Merry Christmas!
Santa brought lots of presents.
Sophia had tubes put in her ears on Jan. 9th, 2013.
J and I enjoyed a relaxing S-free weekend in the Dells!

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