Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Day for Uncle Shane

We celebrated Bubba's (Shane's) First Communion today! I was able to use my "super-duper" zoom, but I still had a hard time getting the perfect picture. Bummer! I did get some good shots though, so enjoy. 
Father dissected a Happy Meal in his homily.

 Here is my not so perfect shot of Bubs walking away...great job Mariah!
At least I got a fairly nice one. How handsome is this little man?!
 After Mass we headed back to mom's house for a celebratory lunch!
Just like last year, we got a family picture.
The sun was blinding us so it took a couple(or 10) to get a nice one.

Shane got sick of getting nice pictures, so of course he started to do silly poses.
The cake tasted A-Maz-Ing
 Although today was about Shane, I couldn't help but to take some pictures of Sophia. Here are two of my favorites

 We had a busy weekend! Now we are fresh out of the tub and ready for bed! It is such a nice night, I decided to break out the summer jammies.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hooray for the Weekend!

**Disclaimer: Let me explain why there are an abundance of photos...I GOT A NEW CAMERA! Happy Mother's Day to me (early)!!**

Sophia and I took a two hour walk on Friday! The goal: play at the park, get some charcoal from the store, and of course get an ice cream cone at A & W. Mission accomplished! When we got home, daddy was home from work. Sophia is such a daddy’s girl! We ended our Friday night with a family walk. It took some convincing to get dad to join us.  Sophia has that man wrapped around her finger, so of course he joined us.

We started our day early on Saturday! Sophia and I went on a nice morning run walk with my new friend Chris. Chris is a mommy of one of my preschool kiddos. We had such a great time just talking; we even burned a good amount of calories, seriously what a great start to the day. 
After our morning walk, we headed out to cheer “C-C” and “Bubba” on at soccer!

After the great soccer games we headed home where daddy was all ready to go fishing! Here’s the story: when we found out we were having a girl, Joey’s best friend Seth got a pink Barbie fishing pole. It meant so much to both of us, and Joey had been waiting on the day Sophia could use it ever since! Mommy packed the car, daddy packed the lunches, and Sophia was shrieking with excitement, so of to Traxler Park we went. Sophia caught the first fish of our nine catches.

Although she liked to see the fish, Sophia enjoyed throwing sticks into the water even more!