Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Day for Uncle Shane

We celebrated Bubba's (Shane's) First Communion today! I was able to use my "super-duper" zoom, but I still had a hard time getting the perfect picture. Bummer! I did get some good shots though, so enjoy. 
Father dissected a Happy Meal in his homily.

 Here is my not so perfect shot of Bubs walking away...great job Mariah!
At least I got a fairly nice one. How handsome is this little man?!
 After Mass we headed back to mom's house for a celebratory lunch!
Just like last year, we got a family picture.
The sun was blinding us so it took a couple(or 10) to get a nice one.

Shane got sick of getting nice pictures, so of course he started to do silly poses.
The cake tasted A-Maz-Ing
 Although today was about Shane, I couldn't help but to take some pictures of Sophia. Here are two of my favorites

 We had a busy weekend! Now we are fresh out of the tub and ready for bed! It is such a nice night, I decided to break out the summer jammies.

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