Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Happy Mother's Day.

First, I want to wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day! She is the strongest and most caring person I know. I hope I can be half the mother she is, because “just” half is already the best. That’s right, my mom is better than the best! The greatest thing about having her as my mom, is Sophia having her as “ya-ya”. Coincidence that she spoils Sophia (by letting her have what she wants) and her given name is ya-ya? Maybe. So anyway, Happy Mother’s Day mom!

My birthday was my favorite day until I became a mom. Mother’s day ranks over my birthday now. Why? Because we moms work hard for the title, and it’s nice to be recognized for it (at least) one day in the year.
Recognition is NOT the best part of Mother’s day at all. The best part is the fact that you can brag (for lack of a better word) about your kid(s) all day when people tell you Happy Mother’s Day! Today you can go on & on about your children without feeling like you’re just blabbing.

I am beyond blessed to have Sophia as my daughter. She truly is the best thing to ever happen to me. We rocked matching outfits today!

Let’s not forget about this stud muffin. (Sophia got her good looks from daddy). Yes it is MOTHER’S day, but I wouldn’t be a mother without this guy. He has seen the best, worst, and ugliest sides of motherhood. Through the good and the bad I am, thankfully, recognized as a great mother more than once a year by him.

Enough with the gushy! Take a look as how I spent Mother’s Day this year.
 Daddy got to sleep in this morning...again. Thanks daddy! :)
French toast, eggs, and sausage for breakfast. Sophia made sure we prayed before eating. (excuse the chocolate that she has all over her face, she has become a skilled climber).

We finished painting ya-ya's gift before church.

After church we headed to the zoo!
Instead of packing lunches, I requested Subway for lunch. No mess=out the door faster.
Our first destination was the monkeys! Sophia loves monkeys, why, I have no idea. I need to get a video of her saying "monkey," it is too darn cute!

Next up, the giraffes.
 Then we headed to the aviary.
I love comparing pictures from last year to this year!
Sophia has the wing span of a Cooper's Hawk.
 We took a break from the animals and enjoyed a giant sucker.
We headed to the prairie dogs, sucker in hand.
Again, I love looking back to pictures.
They were boring to Sophia, so we checked out the giant tortoise.
 We rode the zoo's small train ride. We are big fans of Chuggington, so Sophia was pretty stoked for the train ride! Unfortunately we had to stand in a long line. Sophia got impatience.
Luckily we made the last ride of the day!

We ended our fun-filled day with a cook-out at mom's house.
Here is her finished Mother's Day project on the back patio.
It was a great day today! I hope all of you moms had an awesome day, too!

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