Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Halloween Play Date

Before you say it..yes I'm that parent. I go over-board on planning a simple play date. That's right, expect planned activities (that rarely work out), goodie bags filled with trinket toys (your welcome for the added clutter) and most importantly giggles (despite how messy, crazy, loud,and clustered my house is..the little giggles are so worth it!). I just love planning fun get-togethers with my girlfriends and our kiddos. The rest of my life can be a complete unorganized mess, yet I can plan a pretty great (small) event.

Okay, I'll be honest, the real reason I love play dates is to see my friends...I love chasing around our kids sitting around and constantly reminding our kids to play nice talking with these ladies about anything and everything. It's like a therapy session without the $$$$. Seriously, I love them.

Originally, I had the idea of getting together with my mommy friends and our kiddos to get a few pictures of the kids with their costumes. On Halloween day with the commotion of trick-or-treating, the chances of us getting a group picture...not likely. We all love those super adorable and awkward pictures for graduation boards, so I like to get a head start on those. Our kids may be best friends, not so friendly - friends, casual acquaintances, couples, whatev...but at one point - they all played together as toddlers. So of course to get said picture, we needed a "Halloween costume picture" get together, and what better time to have a Halloween play-date?! None, this was the time. :)
So I sent a mass text (see I'm not totally crazy-I didn't even send an official homemade invitation) and told the ladies my plan, and we made it work.

I had such a great time, and I know Sophia did too because she fell asleep at 6:30..score!

The kids enjoyed some tasty snacks.

1. Sensory bin with spaghetti noodles and creepy Halloween things.
Cook the noodles, run under cold water, and dye with
food coloring in separate containers until play time.
Add in any small fun toys.

2. Window cling Frankenstein.

3. Eye ball picture frames
Taking the picture was so much harder than I thought it would be:
 They weren't all looking..
 They were touching...
 Again not all looking, and costume malfunctions...
 They were too close for comfort apparently...
Or the picture was blurry...
 So you settle for the best...


 Have a Happy Halloween!!!

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